Jim Riley

Leaving school at 15 to be become Under keeper at Chippenham Park Jim has nearly 40 years’ experience in all forms of hunting and shooting. Setting up DGVM in 2008, Jim has both DSC1&2 and BDS Deer management qualifications and is an AW for the DSC scheme to name a few of his qualifications.
Jim takes great pleasure in teaching new stalkers and helping them along in their journey to become successful stalkers.

Joining the Zeiss team in 2013 as a Pro Stalker he now runs the Zeiss Centre of Excellence and the Pro Stalker scheme for them.

Malcolm Stoodley

Malcolm started hunting shooting and Fishing nearly 50 years ago, originally coming to DGVM to be assessed for his DSC2 he become a partner in 2013.
Malc also has DSC1&2 and is an Approved witness for DMQ.
Malc manages all our Norfolk grounds.
He also is a very experienced in rifle calibres and ballistics and is our resident expert on ballistics and re-loading.

Trevor Osbourne

Trevor came to DGVM in 2011 to undertake his DSC2, he’s is now also an approved witness for the DMQ Scheme guiding both UK and European clients for us.

He is the Lead co-ordinator on the BASC Stalking Scheme at Hockwold. 

Trevor is also a keen member of the BASC/Sporting rifle Head Measuring team.

Chris Brooks

Chris has been stalking for over 30 years and has experience of deer on several continents working with both Park and Wild deer
He has DSC1&2 and is both an AW and an Assessor/Trainer for the DMQ Scheme.
Chris worked for BASC for 9 years and was also the Head of training for the British Deer Society.
Chris is Lead co-ordinator on the BASC Arran stalking scheme spending 12 weeks on the hill every year looking after clients and recovering all the carcasses
He is our head trainer being comfortable both in the classroom teaching DSC1 or in the Larder teaching clients how to butcher deer.

In charge of lost property