Bee Control

Bees are beneficial to nature and in most cases they can be moved by a Bee Keeper. I have provided a link to a local association on this page. If the Bees cannot be moved and they pose a threat to humans I can treat the nest as a last resort.

Wasp Control

Wasps on the other hand need to be treated right way as they pose a huge threat to people and pets. If you discover a wasps nest please leave well alone and keep pets and children away from it.

Ant Control

Ants in the summer can become a huge problem and soon they are in your food larder and cupboards. We offer quick and efficient control of ants.

We cover Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk for Wasp control, Bees and Ants

We treat the following

Wasps nests

Bees nests*

Ants nests

Quickly and effectively controlled

Call today for help

* Only if no other solution can be found for the problem


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